I am Liz Keizerwaard, portrait photographer in Te Anau and mum to two little girls, Zara and Maya.

Keizerwaard is a difficult name to pronounce, so I named my photography business Liz K Photography - much easier.

The name is from the Netherlands, which is where I am from. I came to New Zealand when I was a 21-year old backpacker, fell in love with one of the locals and he is now my partner in crime (and marriage).

My passion is photographing people, so my focus is solely on portraits.


I love photographing babies, children, pregnant women, mums, dads, grandparents, cousins, and all their lovely dynamics.


Taking photos of young children can be a big challenge. You have to get them to listen to you and smile at you (and to actually mean it).

So nothing gives me more joy than getting some amazing photos of even the most stubborn little toddler and grumpy little newborn.


My own children have been photographed more than the average celebrity.

To give these poor children a break, please hire me to do your photos.
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The best way to reach me is by FB message and email.

Phone calls are not my favourite - I am slightly traumatised from having to cold call people during my admin assistant days - but if you message me with a specific time and promise not to yell at me, I am happy to give you a call.

I do love talking to people, so feel free to stop me for a chat if you catch me around Te Anau .