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How Many Photos Will You Get and How Do I Send Them?

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

I don't believe in making you choose between the photos, so I edit all the good photos from the shoot (so not the ones where someone is blinking or looks unflattering). The number of photos you get totally depends on how the shoot goes and what kind of shoot you are doing. I can promise you there will be more than enough photos for you!

When it is time to send the high-res files to you, I use a website called WeTransfer. You get a link that works for one week and you can download the photos as many times as like to multiple devices. You can even give this link to any friends or family members that might want to download them as well.

If you find that the week is gone and the link has expired, just send me a message and I can upload them again. I try to keep client photos as long as possible in my online storage.

Get in touch for any questions or check out other Frequently Asked Questions for your browsing pleasure.

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