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Newborn Photos in Te Anau - How to Know If I'm the Right Photographer for You

Updated: Jan 16

Tiny feet, scrunchy faces, funny little expressions. The newborn period is incredible, and while the days (and nights) might feel very long, those sweet babies move out of this phase so quickly. Having professional photos taken of your newborn is a great way to ensure you will have amazing photos for you and your kids (and eventually grandkids) to admire.

These are memories that you will want to look back on again and again and again.

I want to work with the people that I can serve best, so I want you to choose the photographer that is right for you. I have laid out a few important considerations that can help you decide:

Style of Photography

You might have a particular vision in mind for the newborn photos, or you might just want some cute photos of your baby. Either way, it's important to check out photographers' portfolios to see if you love their style. You can check out my newborn portfolio here .

One of my most popular props is this cute basket.

It is lined with a blanket in your colour of choice.

Type of Posing

There are a few different ways that photographers pose babies.

1. Complex posing. This requires the baby to be in a deep sleep. It is very important not to try any of these poses yourself. The froggy pose in particular is a pose that needs to be done by a professional and can only be done safely through compositing in Photoshop so the baby is never in this pose without the proper support.

2. Baby-led posing. This is what I love to do. I like it as it looks more natural and babies are comfortably on their back the whole time, able to move their hands and feet as they wish. If the baby is young enough (up to about 4 weeks), I can do a beautiful cozy wrap on them and that often helps them sleep for the shoot. I also have lots of outfits of all sizes in my newborn client wardrobe.

This little cutie was not a fan of swaddling, so she got to wear one of my outfits instead.

Digital vs. Printed Photos

We live in a digital age, but that doesn't mean that printed products aren't important. If you are interested in creating professional-grade wall art and fine prints from your photoshoot, then there are some amazing photographers around that provide these.

Please note that often photographers will retain the printing rights, so make sure to get in touch with your photographer before you try to get photos printed yourself. Also keep in mind that with most photographers, you are likely to pay a base session fee that doesn't cover any photos and you will have to buy them separately whether they are digital or printed.

I work a little differently, as I include all digital photos in my session price. I just hate the feeling of a photo that I lovingly created not making its way to my client.

As for printing, I do not offer printed photos at the moment, but I do give my clients the printing rights so they can go with a printer of their choice. This gives the power to you - you can buy prints at a time that is convenient to you and a printer that suits your budget.

This is only a small selection of the photos I give to clients for a newborn shoot.

It can be around 30-50 photos, and they are all included.

Baby's Age

The typical age for newborn photos is between 5 days and 2 weeks old. For many photographers this is the only age they will do a newborn shoot - that way they fit the props, are still flexible enough for the poses and sleepy enough to stay asleep throughout the shoot. If you have your heart set on doing the shoot at this age, it's best to contact the photographer a few months away from your due date to make sure they have availability at that exact time.

I photograph newborns between 5 days - 6 months old. Some of my props only work for younger babies, but I have added special props and outfits that work for older babies so they don't miss out. I also personally love working with babies when they're awake. As long as they are happy and comfortable, I am ready to capture their gorgeousness. My blog post What is the Best Age to Do Newborn Photos has even more info on this.

For babies 3 months+ I also have the option of a Milestone Photoshoot.

This 'newborn' was already six months old, and she was a little superstar.


When deciding between photographers, make sure you consider how the pricing structure works.

Does the session fee include any digital or printed photos? How much do you think you will spend on extra photos? Keep in mind that you will possibly be madly in love with all the photos, so keep some room in your budget if you choose a photographer that charges per photo.

My session prices are all-inclusive with all digital photos included. If you find that I am the right photographer for you, you already know that there will be no extra cost.


Travelling with a young baby is not ideal, so you will probably want to pick a photographer that is close by.

My home studio is in the Te Anau town centre. There is a flight of stairs to conquer to get to the studio space, so if you are unable to do that, please let me know beforehand because I can either bring all the necessary props/lighting equipment downstairs into my living room or I can come to your home with everything (free of charge as long as you live within 25km of Te Anau). Before I had a studio, I used to do all newborn shoots at people's houses so that is no problem.

I have also got lots of experience doing in-home lifestyle photoshoots, so if you are keen on getting a more casual documentary-style shoot in your own home, let me know! If you're not sure what a lifestyle photoshoot would look like, you can check out some of my in-home lifestyle photos here.

Lifestyle photo in baby's home.

Family Photos

The last thing to consider is if you want to do family photos at the same time or if you just want photos of the baby. Two of my setups work well for family photos, so if you want to all be in the photo, make sure you pick one of those. Lots of other photographers also offer family photos, but you will want to ask them beforehand.

Studio photo with dad, mum and baby.

In Conclusion

I hope that gives you a great starting point for finding the right photographer. I realise this was all a bit biased toward choosing me, but it will also help you figure out if I am not the photographer for you, and that is all good!

If you think we might be a good fit, please get in touch to choose a date for your photoshoot - this can be a firm date if your baby is already here, or an estimate near the due date that we can change once you give birth.

Or if you think another photographer might be right for you, then I hope you have a lovely photoshoot with them. Who knows, I might see you in the future for a different type of session. I also do family portraits, maternity portraits, milestone & cake smash portraits and a few special mini sessions throughout the year.

If you want to hear about my special offers, mini sessions and model calls, go ahead and follow me on Facebook or Instagram.

All the best,


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