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How To Prepare For The Flower Swing Mini Session

How awesome that you've booked in for the mini session. Here is lots of info so you can prepare...

Set Up

Here is the set up for the Flower Swing photoshoot, as modelled by my lovely daughters:

If your kids are old enough to understand, it sometimes helps to show what it is going to look like so they can prepare. And if you always refer to the photoshoot as something that is going to be really fun, it is more likely to be a great experience. I will also do my best to make it fun, relaxing and special for everyone.

What do you need to bring?

Most importantly, a nice relaxed mood for you and the kids alike. There is no need to stress if a child is shy at the start or if anyone has a tantrum at any point. We will pull out all the tricks.

Other things to bring are snacks (ones that don’t cause stains) and a comfort item if your child has one. Try to hide the item at first and only bring it out if we really need it.

Make sure everyone puts on their sunscreen well ahead of time, so no one ends up looking too shiny.

How should you dress for the shoot?

I have a blog post called What to Wear For Your Family or Maternity Photoshoot. There is lots of advice in there that can be used for this mini session too.

What if we can't make it (on time)?

If you find that you won't be able to make it or you think your child might be cranky/hungry during that time, just send me a message as soon as you figure that out and we can try to book you in for a different time or date. Postponing/cancelling the shoot is totally fine and there are no costs involved.

For most shoots, I don't mind if people are a bit late (better than showing up super stressed because you were trying to get there on time), but these mini sessions are mostly fully booked, so I advise you to leave the house as early as you can. You can even go for a little walk on the beach or along the trees until it's time for your session.

If anyone is not feeling well, please postpone as we don't want to put anyone at risk.

What happens during the shoot?

We are going to be taking photos for about 15 minutes. We might go over if we need more time or we might be done sooner if it's gone great or your child is getting overwhelmed.

For multiple kids, we will do photos of everyone individually and together - in whichever order seems easiest.

It is usually a good idea for shy kids to start with family photos - (grand)parents and/or siblings - before we go for the individual photos.

Pro Tip: If you have a shy kid and you weren't planning on being in the photoshoot, make sure you still dress for it in case your child needs you close by at the start. Sometimes parents who join in spontaneously don't realise how great those photos can turn out to be and they wish they'd put on a different outfit.

What happens after the shoot?

I will edit the photos within a few days and send a link for you to view the photos. You can let me know about anything that might need to be re-edited or any other concerns you might have. The photos will have watermarks on them at this point, but the final photos won't.

Once you are happy with the photos I will send a little invoice with all the payment info. When I see the payment has come through, I send the high-resolution unwatermarked files through WeTransfer. You get all the photos, so no need to choose. The invoice will be for $100, or if you are a repeat client, it will be $90 with the repeat client discount applied.

Sharing the photos

If you've said 'yes' to sharing on my business socials, I will then send you my picks for photos I would love to share on my FB/Instagram/website and you can let me know if that is all good. You can also still choose at that point to keep the photos private instead. You are also welcome to share the photos yourself, and you are allowed to have the photos printed at your preferred printing place.

You are now all set to show up for your mini session! If you have any questions, or if you have found your way here but haven't booked in yet, get in touch with me now.

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