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Nurture & Bloom Photos - How To Order

Updated: Jan 26

It was so much fun taking photos at Nurture & Bloom again. I worked very hard at getting as many smiles as I could with my songs, props, kid-friendly jokes and a little help from some teachers. One of my daughters in the Tui room even came over to help as my assistant for a photoshoot or two. :)

If you'd like to order photos from me, here is all the info you need:


$20 for the class photo

$20 for one photo of your child

$50 for all photos of your child, including the class photo

*additional children in the same family get half-price photos. For example: a family withtwo children buying all photos would pay $75

Photos come as digital files and you are allowed to have these photos printed at your preferred printing place.

If you have done a photoshoot with me before or if you bought the photos from me in the last two years, you get the 10% repeat client discount. If you are a first-time customer, you will be able to get this discount the next time you book a photoshoot with me.

Preview Photos

The preview photos are slightly downsized and have my logo on them. They are only for helping you decide if you want to buy the photos, so please do not save, share or print them. If you have trouble viewing a particular photo because the logo watermark is obscuring it, let me know and I will send a photo with the watermark in a slightly different spot.

When you buy the photos, I will send you the full-resolution photos with no logo. You are then allowed to save, share and print them to your heart's content.

Ready to Order?

If you want to place an order for the digital photos, please send me a message on my Facebook page , Instagram page or email through my contact page (if using email, please check your promotions or spam folder if you haven’t received a reply within 24 hours. I usually reply within 2 hours).

Here is a template for sending the message which includes all the information I need from you. I need you to quote the password just to double-check that you are the parent/caregiver of the child you are ordering photos for: Hi Liz,

I am ready to buy the Nurture & Bloom photos for (child's name) in (class). The password for the photos is ... I want all the photos/just the class photo/ just the photo that is the (number*) in the gallery .

*When counting the photos, click on the first photo in the gallery and then count the position that your favourite photo is in. You can buy up to two photos like this. Otherwise, it will be cheaper to get all the photos.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Kind regards,


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