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The Family Portrait Add-On: Everything You Need to Know

You may have noticed that I offer a special 30-minute Family Portrait Add-On for only $150.

This super affordable option can be outdoors or in the studio and includes all digital photos just like all my other sessions.

It is only available to families who have done a photoshoot with me in the last six months. This can be any type, newborn, maternity, family... and even the mini sessions count.

So how does it work and how can you take advantage of this?

How is the Family Portrait Add-On different from a regular Family Photoshoot?

The main difference is that it is 15 minutes shorter and that also means there will be slightly less photos than with a Family Photoshoot.

But the advantage of the Family Portrait Add-On (and the exact reason why I offer this) is that I have recently photographed your family (or just your children) and that makes it easier for us to get started. We already know each other, and I will have learned a few things last time about how to get the best from you.

Will the photoshoot stop after exactly 30 minutes?

Just like with the Family Photoshoot, there will be a little bit of warmup time beforehand and a bit of a grace period afterwards. If we're nearing the end and I think we need to get a bit more time to get the best photos, we will just keep going.

If we are not quite at the end yet, the kids are getting worn out and I know we have just created some magic, then we can stop a bit early to avoid overwhelming them.

Can we do the Family Portrait Add-On with grandparents?

The Add-On is for up to six people, otherwise you will have to book an Extended Familys hoot. However, if you want a photoshoot of just the kids with their grandparents, this could still work.

And these photos are absolutely amazing to turn into Christmas gift prints:

What if our last photoshoot was more than six months ago?

If you have done a photoshoot with me before, you can't do the add-on, but you will get the 10% repeat client discount. Or read on to see how you can get a great deal by combining it with a mini session.

Examples of how to take advantage of this option

Situation 1 - You have done a Cake Smash Photoshoot a few months ago and it is the perfect time to get updated family photos.

Book yourself a Family Portrait Add-On!

Situation 2 - You are interested in the Flower Swing Mini Sessions and you would like to do your family photos soon afterwards.

Definitely book both, it is only an extra $25 more than just doing a Family Photoshoot

How? Well...

The Family Photoshoot is $225.


The Mini Session ($100) + Family Portrait Add-on ($150) comes to $250 in total.

Situation 3 - You are interested in the Christmas Mini Sessions, but you would like to do a family photoshoot two weeks before.

We can make it an Add-On, I will make sure you get the same deal as in situation 2.

Situation 4 - You have done a Newborn Photoshoot 6 months ago and you want to get your family photos done, but won't be able to book until next month.

We can go with the Add-On, I am not going to make a fuss over an extra month.

Get in touch if you're ready to book or if you have any questions for me!

To finish, here are my lovely daughters being amazing models at the Flower Swing Mini Session test shoot:

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