• Liz K

What is the Booking Process Like?

The process looks a little bit like this...

Step 1: Getting in Touch

Send me a message on Facebook or email me at lizkphotography.nz@gmail.com with any questions or an enthusiastic "I want to book, let's go!"

Step 2: Picking a Date

We will match up my availability and yours to come up with a suitable date and time. This is going in my calendar straight away.

Step 3: Filling Out the Booking Form

I will send you a link to the relevant booking form which has some questions that help me prepare for the shoot and give you some expectations as the same time. If I already know you and your family, I might skip this step.

Step 4: You're Booked!

I will try to give you as much info as possible throughout the process and will start looking forward to your taking your photos soon.

Payment & Deposit

I don't require a deposit and I don't ask for payment before the shoot. After we have taken the photos, I will edit them and send them to you as small 'preview' files. This gives you a chance to let me know if you're happy with them and discuss any extra editing requirements. I am happy to accommodate them within reason. Once everyone is happy, I will send through my payment details and start exporting the high-res files to send to you.

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