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What is the Booking Process Like?

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Here is a step-by-step guide to booking a photoshoot, and a little bit of info about what happens afterwards as well.

Step 1: Making sure I am the right photographer for you

Click on the type of photoshoot you want to do: newbornmilestone/cake smashfamily or maternity. Each page has a little portfolio so you can see if you like my work. Then check out my pricing page to see if this works with your budget. All digital photos are included, so you will only pay once and then you can decide to print those photos at your own convenience.

Step 2: Getting in Touch

Send me a message on Facebook , Instagram or email me at with any questions or an enthusiastic "I want to book, let's go!" It's helpful to add what type of photoshoot you are looking to do (newborn, milestone/cake smash, maternity or family) and when you would prefer to do it (a specific date or just weekends vs. weekdays)

Step 3: Picking a Date

We will match up my availability and yours to come up with a suitable date and time. This is going on my calendar straight away. It's best to get in touch 3-4 weeks before your preferred date, but if you're wanting to do your shoot sooner, there is still a chance I may be available. Give it a try and I will try to recommend another photographer if I can't do it.

Step 4: Filling Out the Booking Form

I will send you a link to the relevant booking form which has some questions that help me prepare for the shoot and give you some expectations at the same time. If I already know you and your family, I might skip this step.

Step 5: You're Booked!

There is no booking fee or deposit. I will also send you lots of information so you can prepare yourselves. If you are looking to do an outdoor shoot, I will be in touch with you the day before the shoot so we can discuss the weather forecast. We will need to reschedule or change it to a studio location if it rains.

And here is what happens after you've booked...

On photoshoot day, I make it as fun and relaxing as possible, and work my hardest to create a wide variety of photos with lots of smiles. It almost never happens, but if something goes awry (such as a child that is suddenly teething and can't be soothed), we may decide to try again on another day. In this case, there is no cost for a reshoot.

Then I go home and edit all your lovely photos. I will email you a link to a preview gallery within 3 days. When you have looked over the photos and confirmed that you are happy with them, I will send you my payment details and the amount you have to pay (which will be the same amount listed on my pricing page, unless you get a repeat client discount of course).

Once payment comes through, I will send you all the high-res digital files through a new link. You can then download everything to all your devices and start sharing and printing these to your heart's content.

The last thing I do is send you a few of my favourite photos that I would like to share on my website and business social media. You are welcome to veto any particular photos or just ask me not to share anything. I will always respect your choice in this!

This is all you need to know! Get in touch now so we can pick a date for your photoshoot.


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