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Maternity Photoshoot Options


Here are all the different options you can choose for your Maternity Photoshoot.

Studio Backdrops

Choice of white, black, beige or dark wood backdrop. For each shoot, you can also choose a complimentary 'backlit' photo. For this photo, you stand against my softbox light and it makes the background look very white, while you become a silhouette.

Maternity Photoshoot in Studio-1.jpg


If you choose the Full Maternity Photoshoot, you can choose to do the photoshoot outdoors instead. Beach and forest locations are great. Get in touch so I can tell you my favourites!

In-Home Lifestyle Photos

Did you know that I also offer in-home lifestyle photos? The price is the same as a Full Maternity Photoshoot, and I come to your house to photograph you.
If you're trying to think of where in your house would be the best place to do this, here is a list of rooms in your house that are great for a lifestyle shoot.

Maternity Lifestyle Shoot-1.jpg

This is also a great option if you want to include your family pets in the photos. Unfortunately we can not have pets in the studio, so if you want an indoor shoot with your furry family members, a lifestyle shoot is the way to go!

Maternity Lifestyle Shoot-2.jpg

Next Steps

If you haven't booked already, then go ahead and send me a message to pick a date or let me know if you have any questions. You can also see all my pricing here.

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