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Newborn Set Up Options

You get to pick two of these options for your newborn photoshoot.


I can accommodate babies up to six months old, but some options don't work for older babies. If your baby is older than six months, you can choose to do a 'sitter session' with one of my milestone photoshoot themes instead.

There are so many colours to choose from, but don't worry about this yet. We will work together on the day to pick the right colours and match it with the wrap/outfit we put your adorable baby in.



Cream, purple or green flokati (fuzzy rug). The cream flokati is big enough for family and sibling shots for up to four people, so we can do a combination of individual photos and family photos with just this one setup. Suitable for any age.



My most requested setup for newborns. Round basket with lots of stuffing options. Choose a vibrant colour with a neutral wrap/outfit, or a neutral colour with a colourful wrap/outfit or any combo you like. This is suitable for babies up to six weeks old.



White faux-fur background and choice of knitted blankets. You can also choose to use a blanket that is special to your baby, and if you want to include one or two of baby's own stuffed animals, that is also very cute. Suitable for any age.


Family Portrait Backdrops.png

Studio backdrop for parents and/or siblings holding the baby. You can choose a white, black, beige or dark wood studio backdrop for this. If you are doing a Full Newborn Shoot, you can even choose this for two of your setups and change up the colour of the backdrop.

In-Home Lifestyle Photos

Did you know that I also offer in-home lifestyle photos? The price is the same, and I come to your house to photograph you. If you choose a Full Newborn Shoot, you can combine it with two of the setups from the list above.
I've also compiled a list of rooms in your house that are great for a lifestyle shoot. We can also this outside on your property - we'll make sure to wrap your baby up nice and warm!


Next Steps

You can preview the outfits I have available for babies to wear during the shoot. I also have a great collection of wraps in many colours if you want your baby wrapped instead.

If you haven't booked already, then go ahead and send me a message to pick a date or let me know your due date so I can leave room on the schedule for when it's time to photograph your new arrival!

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