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Maternity Photoshoot

I love maternity shoots! I had so many photos done of myself and my family when I was pregnant... It's just amazing to capture this big beautiful belly (and to prove to your future child that he/she isn't adopted).

The photoshoot includes lots of photos of you alone with your belly, but you can also bring along your partner and/or kids to join in.



When shall we do the photoshoot?


My official advice is between 26-37 weeks, but you can choose to do it at any time. I was pregnant during our first lockdown in New Zealand and was 39.5 weeks pregnant when lockdown ended, so I quickly booked a maternity shoot that ended up taking place 4 days before my baby was born.

It's best not to leave it that late, though. You might just go into labour beforehand.

You should consider around what time everyone is usually in a good mood, so probably not right before mealtime when everyone's hungry or just before naptime for younger ones.

If you are choosing to do an outdoor shoot at the beach, we also have to keep the lighting in mind. A beach photoshoot will have to be done during 'golden hour', just after sunrise or just before sunset to get the best result. This time changes throughout the year, so get in touch for more info.

Should I be worried about my kids misbehaving?


Not really. As long as you keep your expectations realistic. For example, if you have a wild 2-year-old that doesn't want to listen, then you shouldn't expect many photos of them sitting quietly smiling at the camera. I can usually get one or two of those though, and there will be lots of photos of you interacting together and being a family. We will make the photoshoot a super fun experience and capture the real moments. Those photos will be just as precious.

If your child happens to be having an off day (perhaps they are teething or didn't sleep very well and are in tantrum mode), then we can try the photoshoot on another day. I won't charge extra for a second attempt.


Liz was great with my daughter to keep her entertained and make us feel relaxed during the photo shoot.
- Minako

What if I need to reschedule or cancel?


If it rains on the day of your outdoor shoot, I will get in touch to either reschedule or possibly move the shoot to my studio if it's time-sensitive. If anyone is unwell or you need to move the shoot date for any other reason, just let me know as soon as you can. There are no deposits or cancellation fees, and we can always find another suitable date.

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